A Collection of Helpful or Amusing Scripts


Spring Rate Calculator Calculates Primary Spring Rate when using dual-rate springs
Airflow needed Estimate airflow needed for horsepower
Horsepower Estimate Horsepower from intake airflow
Carburetor Size Calculates required carburetor size
Injector Size Calculates necessary Fuel Injector Size for your engine
Fuel injector flow vs. pressure Calculates fuel injector flow when changing fuel pressure
Compression Ratio Calculates Compression Ratio
HP gain from boost Estimate HP gain from boost pressure
1/4 Mile MPH Calculate 1/4 mile MPH from vehicle horsepower and weight
1/4 Mile ET Calculate 1/4 Mile ET from horsepower
1/4 Mile Horsepower Calculate Vehicle Horsepower from 1/4 mile MPH
1/4 Mile Horsepower Calculate Vehicle Horsepower from 1/4 mile ET
MPH from gear ratios Estimate MPH based on gear ratios and tire size
Engine Size Calculates engine size/bore/stroke/rod ratio

Scientific, Mathematic and Misc. Scripts

General Conversions lb to Kg, ft/lb to NM, HP to KW, MPH to KPH...
Periodic Table A periodic table of the elements
Temperature Converter Converts between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Coin Flipper Randomly flips a coin
Text Encrypter Encrypts and decrypts text into binary form
Quadratic  solver Solves that pesky quadratic formula
Roman Numeral Converter Converts regular numbers into Roman Numerals
2nd order Polynomial Calculates the real or complex roots of a 2nd order polynomial
Acceleration Equivalents Converts acceleration units
Area Equivalents Converts units of area
Cylinder Volume Calculates the volume of a cylinder
Base Converter Converts input between binary, ternary, quintal, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal bases
Degrees to Radians Converts degrees to radians
Energy Equivalents Converts Energy equivalents
Your age in dog years Calculates your age in dog years
Wavelength Calculates wavelength of a frequency
WindChill Calculates wind chill temperature
Your Japanese Name Tells you how to pronounce your name in Japanese
Polygon Figures characteristics of polygons
Prime Number Determines if input is prime
Pythagorean Theorem Enter a and b and the script solves for c
Length Equivalents Converts units of length
Mass Equivalents Converts units of mass
Atmospheric Calculations Provides atmospheric calculations based on altitude and speed
Blood Alcohol Calculates approximate blood alcohol levels
LCM and GCD Calculate the Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Divisor of two numbers
Factors Determines factors of a number
Kinetic Energy Calculates Kinetic energy
Airport Distance Distances between major airports
Morse Code Converts typed words into Morse Code
Power Equivalents Converts Power units
Pressure Equivalents Convert Pressure units