The Mite
Part 1
Getting the cars

Pair '0' spridgets This is the pair of cars as they sat in the L.A. area. They had been sitting for quite some time in the open, collecting rain and leaves. I intended to take the best parts of the two cars and make one good car out of them. The Blue one is a 1965 Austin Healey Sprite.
Midget coming home The red car, a 74 MG Midget, on the flatbed getting ready for the trip to Phoenix. I had hoped to fit them both on the trailer at the same time, but they would not fit. I had to make two trips.
Mite The Sprite in the garage.
Mite at Home Overall it is in pretty good shape, except for the usual rust on the floorboards and at the bottom of the A-pillars
Mite Interior The interior is SHOT! the seat frames are rusted and corroded, the floors are rusted through....
Mite Interior 2 This seat is toast. I'll put in some cloth replacement seats.
Mite Front The grille is in pretty good shape, the bumper needs to be straightened and rechromed and the hood has rust on the front seam.
Mitey Engine 948 cc's of incredible power!

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