The Mite
Part 2
Teardown and Inspection

Of Invaluable help was a manual like this.
Empty Engine Compartment The engine and tranny are out and nearly 40 years of gunk and grime has been scraped and washed off of the car. The hood and fenders have been removed, as well as the pedal assembly, the heater core, fan, wiper motor, radiator, etc...
Empty Engine Compartment The engine compartment is in remarkably good shape, no rust and the original paint looks good on the frame rails.
Suspension The suspension needs some work, the lever shocks are shot and the tie rod ends and boots need to be replaced
Suspension Here's a view of the passenger side suspension
Suspension The front end of the car - all that suspension needs to be rebuilt.
Interior Here's the interior, you can just see the rust holes in the floorboards. They will need to be cut out and replaced. The seats were rusted through and the seat frames were nothing but a rusty red powder. I'll have to replace them.
Tranny tunnel The underside of the dash and the tranny tunnel
Interior Another view of the interior. Pretty much everything has been removed at this point. It's making quite a pile of rusty, greasy crap in the garage.
Under Dash Under the dash
Open Door The door limiting strap is missing, allowing the door to hit the A-pillar. The A-Pillar is dented and rusty at the bottom. It will also need to be replaced.
Front of Sprite The front of the car
Front Empty Another view of the front
Engine and Tranny Here's the engine and tranny. Some little critter, probably a squirrel, had made his home in the tranny tunnel. It was FULL of nuts and grass and stuff, and the grease on the transmission has a ton of tiny little paw and claw prints all over it.

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