The Mite
Part: 15
Fitting new gauges and switches to the dash

dash cut out Since the gauges that were in the sprite were rusty and of dubious mechanical soundness, I decided to replace them all with modern electronic Dolphin gagues. I'll need new holes for the smaller gauges, smaller holes for the speedo and tach, and new holes for the new switches. The entire car will be re-wired with a custom loom and a new fusebox. Here's the dash with the stock gauge and switch location cut out in prep for a patch.
dash with holes The patch panel has been welded in and the holes cut for the new gauges and switches
Dash with gauges This is the set of Dolphin electric gauges for the Mite, white faces with stainless bezels and curved glass. I've got a heater from a hot-rod shop that will replace the stock heaterbox and fan assembly and the switch is mounted below the smaller gauges. Now that the layout is complete and most of the holes cut, I can begin to remove the paint and prep the dash for repainting.
steering column The steering column plastic is cracked and the blinkers don't work. I'll be trying to get a new blinker assembly and plastic cowl and rebuild the steering column soon.

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