The Mite
Part: 14
Rebuilding the Spindles and Rack and Pinion

Srpite rack out of car Here's the rack and pinion the way it came out of the car. The boots are shot and the rack will barely move. The inner joints feel good, no slop or play, so I decided to rebuild/ refurb the rack instead of replacing it.
Sprite rack and pinion Here's another shot of the rack out of the car. It was easy to take apart, clean, paint and re-assemble
sprite rack rebuilt The rack put back together with new boots and new tie-rod ends. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the actual rebuilding
sprite rack and swaybar links I sandblasted and repainted the sway bar links and the rack mounts, too.
sprite spindle apart The spindle assembly was in remarkably good shape for a 40 year old car. The kingpins had no play and everything looked good, So I disassembled everything, sandblasted and repainted it.
rebuilt spindles Here's the rebuilt spindles, ready for the car.

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