The Mite
Part: 13
Front Tube Shock Conversion-Second try...

Front brakes Here's the finished Honda rotor and caliper on the car, and as I found out after assembly, the bleeder valve on the caliper hits the tube shock, so I have to remount the front shocks to clear the caliper.
In the meantime, here's how the caliper fits inside the wire wheel.
Pass side suspension I was did not have the camera during the refabrication of the tube shocks, but here's a shot of the mostly completed remount. There's just a little clean-up and grinding left to do. I left the upper part of the mount intact and cut out everything below, inlcuding the stock sheetmetal. When I had a nice rectangular hole, I cut a piece of 5" diameter 1/8" wall steel tubing to fit inside the hole and welded it in. Then, for added support, I cut and welded some long triangular supports that you can see on each side of the shock.
shock Then, with the hub/brake assembly at full lock, I repositioned the lower shock mount on the A-arm and welded it in place. In total, the lower shock mount has been moved inboard about 3/4". I don't think the slight angle will affect the shock's performance, but if it does, I'll get some shocks with adjustable compresson/rebound and fiddle with the settings until it works correclty.
Shock mount A good view of the triangular suports on the shock mount. No bump stops were used during the setup to make sure that I had full, non-binding travel of the suspension and steering.
Driver's side suspension The driver's side, finished. Next is the sway bar mounts and rebuilding of the steering rack.

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