The Mite
Part: 12
Front Disc Brake Conversion

Stock Sprite Front Hub Stock rotors and calipers would be fine for most applications, but I decided with the custom A-arms and higher horsepower that I would like to have larger and more modern brakes. Rotors and calipers from a Honda Civic were just the ticket. They are cheap and plentiful and just the right size to compliment the Prelude brakes on the rear. There are a few needed modifications to the stock hub, though. This is the stock wire wheel hub on the Civic rotor. Note that the Civic bolt holes are 4 on 100mm and the stock Sprite bolt holes and flange are substantially smaller.
Modified Hub, Stock Hub, Machined Ring SO, I turned a ring out of 1/4" steel and drilled 4 holes in it to match the Civic bolt pattern, then welded the ring to the Sprite hub and plugged the stock Sprite bolt holes. The finished hub is on the left, the stock on the right.
Modified Hub on Civic Rotor Here's the finished hub up against the Civic rotor. A perfect fit!
Adapter Tab Templates To mount the calipers I'll need to weld new brackets to the stock spindle. Here's the cardboard templates on the 3/8" thick cold rolled steel stock I'll cut them out of
Tab cut with plasma cutter And here's the first one cut out with the plasma cutter
Welded Adapter Bracket A close up of the finished and welded adapter on the stock Sprite spindle. Note the bolt hole for the stock calipers in the center of the picture.
Welded Adapter Bracket This is the other bracket adapter welded onto the spindle
Finished and assembled brakes And the finished assembly.
Finished Civic/Sprite brake assembly

Everything fits perfectly and works correclty.....except that the caliper hits the lower shock mount that I fabbed for the tube shock conversion.. Now I've got to go back and remount the front shocks. crap.

Rotor Comparison Here's a comparison between the sprite rotor and the vented Civic rotor. The Civic rotor is also 1" larger in diameter

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