The Mite
Part: 11
Front Tube Shock Conversion

Mount Parts Since I replaced the Armstrong lever shock with the fabricated upper control arm, I was left with no shocks on the front. I wanted to do a front tube shock conversion anyway, and here are the parts for the mount.
Welded Mount This is the welded mount, ready to be welded onto the fenderwell of the car.
Mount Welded in Here's the mount welded to the fenderwell. I probably could have bolted it in and made it smaller, but I wanted to have the top shock mount as high as possible to allow the use of longer, more readily available shocks. I also figure the weld spreads the load over a larger area and helps to brace the fenderwell around the area I had to snip out to clear the A-arm.
Bottom Mount The bottom mount is simply a 1" o.d. tube with a 1/2" threaded rod welded to the bottom A-arm
Finished Here's the completed tube shock conversion. The shock travels in a vertical direction and the mount is strong.
Finished Mount Another view of the shock mount with the a-arms. The steering rack rebuild is next, then comes the front brakes and sway bar.

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