The Mite
Speedometer speed sensor and stabbing in the engine!

Speed Sensor and Speedo Gear I picked up a nice set of Dolphin electronic gages for the Mite and the speedometer uses electronic pulses to display the speed, like almost all new cars.  The Miata used a cable-driven speedo, so i needed to adapt a 'universal' speed-pulse generator to the tranny.  The pulse generator is on the left, and the stock Miata speedo gear that bolts into the tranny is on the left
Pulse Generator and speedo gear

The 'universal' pulse generator has threads on both sides and a square drive hole, the Miata speedometer output has a round hole with a keyway to drive the cable

Miata Speedometer cable Here's the stock Miata Speedometer cable.
Pulse generator apart So, to mate the two parts together, I cut the speedo cable and took everything apart
Parts to be soldered On the left is the square drive for the pulse generator, on the right is the round-keyed driver for the speedometer cable after removal.
Soldered parts I drilled out the speedometer drive that was on the stock cable and soldered the square drive shaft into the hole, resulting in this nifty adapter. Now, the speedometer gear on the left can connect to the speed pulse generator on the right and send pulses to the Speedometer in the cockpit
Whrere the pulse generator goes The arrow shows where the speedo pulse generator goes on the tranny.
Tranny needs a new seal The tailshaft of the tranny needs a new oil seal
New seal installer Here's the aluminum tube that I used to tap the oil seal into place
crimping wires The Reverse and Neutral switches need to have longer wires attached before the tranny is in the car.  I used a nice Ratchet Terminal Crimper insulated wire crimper.  If you have any automotive wiring to do, you need one of these crimpers.  They make a strong crimp - it's almost impossible to pull the crimped joint apart by hand!  It makes a much better and stronger connection than the non-ratcheting crimpers
wires crimped Butt connectors were used to add some wire to the neutral and reverse switches
heat gun Then, a heat gun was used to shrink the heat-shrink tubing on the butt connectors to create an insulated and waterproof connection
trimmed motor munt I made new motor mounts because the other ones I had used allowed too much engine movement in the engine compartment. I had to trim the corner of this mount to allow for the starter motor.
Stabbing the engine into the car Here's the motor being stabbed into the Mite!
Engine installed And, after a little cursing and fits!  Note the new red valve cover with no cam gear covers.  Cool.
Front view of miata engine in a sprite Here's the front of the engine.
top view of a miata engine in a sprite The top
Top view of a Miata engine in a sprite In the lower right of the picture you can see the new motor mounts. I borrowed the idea from the engine and tranny mounts seen on sand cars
Miata engine in a sprite  
Mazda Miata engine in a sprite Next: bolt in the rear tranny mount, get the throttle body and IAC motor mated together and installed, etc.....


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