The Mite
Part: 43

More Wipers

Late model 2 speed wiper motor Some Pictures of the disassembled later model wiper motor. This is a two-speed unit, not the single speed that came in the '65. I pulled the cover, cleaned the gears and actuator and painted the motor housing
Late model 2 speed wiper motor Regreased the whole works and put it back together
Wheel boxes or wiper spindles installed in sprite The spindles or 'wheelboxes' installed with the new tube that the cable runs through. All was cleaned and greased before assembly
Wiper motor installed in Mite The wiper motor installed in the engine compartment
Wiper motor installed in Mite Another view of the wiper motor. YOu can see the Electromotive Tec-2 on the heater box cover and the fuse panel on the firewall. There's a nifty little cover that will Dzus-tab over the fuse panel
Wiper motor installed in sprite I still have to do the underhood wiring, but much of it: the headlights and blinkers will have to wait until the hood (bonnet) is installed
Blinker module The blinkers are controlled by this nifty little solid-state device. it uses two momentary push buttons; one for left, and one for right; to activate the blinkers, and automagically turns them off. If you push both buttons at the same time, the hazard lights come on.
Blinker switches Here on the left side of the speedometer are the switches for the blinkers. They are at finger lingth from the steering wheel.
Bob's Garage Poster Here's a poster from the Goodguy's car show.....


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