The Mite
Part :44

Putting in the Windshield

Shiney sprite windshield parts I spent some money and had the aluminum windshield frame (that I disassembled here) professionally polished. It turned out pretty good!
All the sprite windshield parts Here's all the parts and gaskets, including new glass
Gasket on sprite windshield glass First, put the rubber gasket all around the glass
Spray it all with soapy water Then, spray everything with soapy water and press on the top and bottom parts of the frame
Assemble sides of sprite windshield glass Then slide on the sides
Insert and tighten screws And insert and tighten screws.
Put bottom gasket on sprite windshield frame put the rubber gasket on the bottom, using strong language and soapy water
Sprite rearview mirror rod Then put the mirror post in place and tighten
Complete sprite windshield And finished. This picture was taken before the mirror post was installed
Sprite windshield shims

I lost the shims that space the windshield frame away from the body, so I used washers. It took 2 elephants and some fancy language to get the brand new gaskets to compress enough to insert these bolts. Also, note that this is the order for re-assembly:

1. Wipers
2. Windshield
3. Wiring
4. Dashboard.

I should have read this page before I tried to install the windshield after the dashboard.

Riviting the side trim There's some aluminum trim pieces on the "A" pillars that are rivited onto the pillars and hold gaskets
Attaching the rubber seal Once they were rivited onto the pillars, some soapy water was sprayed on the trim and on the gaskets and the gaskets were slipped into place
Finished view The rubber gaskets still need to be trimmed
Finished and installed sprite windshield A view of the interior
Sprite windshield The installed windshield with rear-view mirror. There's a bracket at the bottom of the windsheild frame that holds the mirror post and screws to the cowl - I re-tapped the threaded nuts in the cowl before installing the grade-8 (overkill) fasteners to prevent stripping
Interior of Mite wiht sterring wheel and windshield A view with the steering wheel attached
Where the car is at 18 April 2007 Where its at


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