The Mite
Part: 34

Installing the Side and Quarter windows


cracked weatherstriping I had removed the windows and quarter windows from the doors a while ago. The weatherstripping on the roll-up windows was discarded at that time. Here's a shot of the cracked and dried rubber on the vent windows
cracked weatherstipping removed from car Here's the rubber weatherstripping from the vent windows and regulator channels after about an hour of scraping
quarter window apart

The quarter or vent windows pretty much popped out of their frames once I was able to remove them from the complete assembly. There's a roll of the Moss weatherstripping, or glazing rubber on the right hand side.

quarterwindow with new weatherstripping The glazing rubber was wrapped around the glass and moistened with a bit of soapy water and then it slid into the frame with just hand pressure.
quarterwindow together After fitted to the frame, I just used a razor blade to trim the excess away and, except for the chrome, the windows look new!
quarterwindow and frame Here's the rubber gasket for the vent windows, the gasket installed and the vent window ready for reassmbly
weatherstripping Here's the felt channel that runs down both sides of the roll-up window and acts as a guide. It was glued into the metal channel with weatherstrip adhesive
weatherstrip adhesive This is the 3M weatherstrip adhesive that I used. Black Snot of Death. It comes in yellow, too. Apply to one side, apply to otherside, let dry, apply to one side again and stick.
quarterwindow in door This is the vent window set in the door, the roll up window regulator has been put in the door, too. I had forgotten how I removed everything and it took some trial and error to replace all the components.
sliding in the glass First the vent window assembly was set into the door, then the regulator was placed in the door and not secured, and then the side window was inserted. The metal channel on the bottom was not removed, so I had to put the window in the door before applying the inner and outer weatherstripping
where the strip goes Here's the gap between the window and the top of the door. I'm supposed to somehow put the weatherstripping onto the door from below using clips. not going to happen.
the weatherstripping This is the weatherstrip
the clips that are supposed to hold the weatherstipping in the door Here's the clip that should hold the weatherstrip on the door. Unless there's a special tool out there, or I remove the metal channel from the window and place the metal regulator channel in the door first, install the weatherstripping and then insert the window into the metal channel, I've got to come up with an alternative mounting method
window regulator Here's the window regulator support piece that bolts to the inside of the door..It only goes on one way, the screw holes will not line up the other ways
inside of completed window Finally, I ended up using the weatherstrip adhesive on the window weatherstrips! It worked like a charm and the inner and outer weatherstrips are installed and secure
outside of completed window Here's the outside view. The roll-up window is used and has a few minor scratches in it, and the chrome is a bit scuffy, but it looks fine from a few feet away. If it really bothers me in the future, I'll replace the glass and rechrome the frames at that time
old windshield on car The old windshield is cracked and the frame is in bad shape.
taking apart the windshield To remove the glass, remove the screws on the top piece and pull the top aluminum off the frame
more screws below Then remove the bottom screws...
40 years of rust calls for an ez out And since they've been exposed to the elements for 40+ years, I quickly rounded out the phillips screw heads... so I had to use an EZ out to get the screws out
tapping with a rawhide mallet  Then tap-tap-tap with a rawhide mallet to separate the frame from the glass. Reassembly to follow when I get glass and rubber



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