The Mite
Part: 35

Fuel Pump Bracket, IAC Motor Housing


Fuel Pump Bracket parts I need to install a high pressure fuel pump for the fuel injection. I want to mount the pumpl behind the fuel tank, and it needs to be at about the same level as the fuel outlet to work correctly. Here's the parts for the mount
Finished Fuel Pump Bracket Here's the mount finished. I will wrap the fuel pump with a piece of rubber to keep noise down during operation. I've had good results with these walbro fuel pumps
Stock GM Idle Air Housing Then, I need to make an IAC, or Idle Air Control Motor housing. The IAC is a stepper motor; that is, it moves in computer-controlled small increments to allow air to bypass the throttle plate and enter the engine during warm-up. This is an easily available housing and idle air motor I picked up at the local U-Pullit junkyard. Got 3 of them for $20 off some late model GM cars
Idle Air housing diagram I'll drill a hole in my manifold that corresponds to the yellow dot, and drill and tap a hole where the pink arrow is for a fitting. I'll run a hose from the fitting to in front of the throttle plate, and when the housing is bolted and gasketed down to the intake manifold, when the IAC motor opens the passageway, air will bypass the throttle plate and enter the manifold and increase the idle. All under the TEC-2's control, of course.
Idle air motor and housing This is the IAC motor removed from the housing
cutting the IAC housing Here I cut the excess away
Drilling the IAC housing Then drill the hole and tap with a pipe tap for a fitting
Modified GM Idle air housing and Finally, here's two completed IAC housings with fittings on different sides. I'll use one on my sandcar and one on the MITE
The engine as of now This it the motor, with temps in place waiting for the real valve cover and oil pan to come back from the powdercoater.



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