The Mite
Part :45

Odds and Ends

The Honda Switch I needed a door switch and the standard plunger-type would not work due to the design of the sprite door, so I went to the junkyard..em, excuse me...Auto recycling yard, and found these slide-type door switches on a Honda
Where the door switch will go They will fit right here, under the door striker
The hole for the door switch First, drill a couple of closely spaced round holes, the use a file to make the hole rectangle shaped like this
The door switch installed Then, screw in the switch and wire it up!
The door switch In the bottom of the picure you can see the switch at the position it takes when the door is fully shut.
The Driveshaft and e-brake cables Here's a shot of the short driveshaft and the emergency brake cables. Lokar provided a bracket that holds the adjusters (where the rubber coated cable terminates into the threaded adjusters) and it was welded to the inside of the tranny tunnel. Then, using the provided Lokar hardware, I attached everything to the stock Sprite E-Brake handle. There was a small clearance issue with the clevis that attaches to the E-Brake handle, but a bit of weld and a little grinding solved the problem.
Miata engine in a Sprite The engine in the car
Flyin Miata turbo oil fitting on car I need an oil source for the turbocharger
Flyin' Miata Turbo oil fitting The cool folks at Flyin' Miata hooked me up with this nifty fitting that goes into an oil galley plug on the side of the engine and ouputs to A/N -4 hose fitting
Turbo Oil Bung This is the fitting installed on the side of the block
Cable end tool I also needed to make some battery cables. I probably could have sourced them and bought them pre-made, but what's the fun in that? I found this great crimper at a welding supply store and got these crimp-on cable ends
Crimping battery cable Just strip away the insulation, insert the end and whack it with a hammer...
Crimped battery cable And you get this nice, neat, tough (I can hang on it!) finished end
Crimped and heat shrunk battery cable A bit of heat shrink tubing and it's all done
Mite trunk almost done Here's a shot of the trunk mostly finished. The wiring is in place, the battery hold down is installed and the cables are ready to hook up to the battery. I need to carpet the trunk and finish the cables to the starter and engine block, then I'll hook up the battery.
Went to Puerto Peñasco for the weekend to see Circus Mexicus, the Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers concert. We camped on the beach and had a great time!


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