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Part :46

New Crank Trigger Mount and Turbo Manifold


Crank Trigger Old Here's the crank trigger wheel pickup for the Electromotive that I made a while ago, though not obvious to me at the time, when I put a belt on the pulleys, the belt hit the bracket.
Water pump alternator belt Here's a belt in place. As a quick aside, it is really frustrating to go to the autoparts store with a belt measurement, in this case I needed a belt 35 inches long, and have the monkey that works behind the counter tell you that they can't give you a belt with only the measurement, they need to have the year and type of car! Nevermind that the part number, printed on the belt, contains the length in inches.
Cutting slot in bracket After a little time with some aluminum stock and some taps, I had a bracket mostly fabbed up. I elected to use the 1/2 inch Electromotive pickup instead of the other one, so I needed a pinch bracket to hold it. I drilled a 1/2" hole and then cut a slot through the mount..
Tapping hole in bracket And drilled and tapped a hole perpendicular to the slot for the pinch bolt
Pickup mount almost done Here's the mount on the engine with the belt in place
Mount with punch for alignment Another view of the mount
Mount with punch for alignment I used a 1/2" transfer punch to align the mounting bracket to the trigger wheel because it has a nice little point at the end
Trigger Wheel Here's the point of the transfer punch lining up with the correct tooth on the trigger wheel at top-dead-center
Trigger wheel with pickup mounted And here's the magnetic pickup installed and aligned properly
Ebay exhaust manifold Now, on to the turbo exhaust manifold. I was going to purchase a pre-cut exhuast flange only, and then make the manifold, but there's a ton of these stainless turbo manifolds on Ebay and they can even be found used for cheaper than a flange.
Header on car Here's the manifold on the engine. The flange for the turbo is made for a T3, not the little IHI RHB5 that I have, and the manifold positions the turbo in a place that would be too close to the fiberglass of my bonnet.
Turbo Flange cut off header So off comes the flange using the plasma cutter
where turbo needs to be Here's where the turbo needs to be mounted to clear the bonnet and allow a path for the exhust to exit the engine compartment
Plasma cutting hole in flange I got a piece of 3/8" stainless and plasma cut a flange for the turbo. I used a round washer screwed to the plate as a template to make a nice, round hole in the flange
Flange with tube Here's the completed flange and a bit of the stainless tube I have for modifying the manifold
Turbo Miata exhaust manifold done And here's the manifold welded up with the new flange and a patch covering the spot where the old flange was mounted
Turbo Miata exhaust manifold done The turbo mounted. The slight angle is there to help the exhaust pipe exit the turbo and dive down under the car while clearing the steering rod
Turbo  Miata Engine exhaust manifold with turbo Another view of the turbo. The center section of the turbo has to be rotated down so that the oil inlet is on the top and the outlet is on the bottom. I probably could have made a more efficient manifold with the bends all directing the spent gasses into the turbo, but the car won't see the high side of 7 lbs boost and this manifold will work just fine for that low level

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