The Mite
Part 5
Engine Fit

Miata Engine This is the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Miata engine - note the cracked intake manifold. I got another one with the engine. These engines are from cars produced and driven in Japan. They have such strict emissions and safety laws that cars are often destroyed rather than fixed. They then export the low-mile engines to the waiting crowds in the U.S.
Miata Engine The engine and tranny bolted together.
Test Fitting the Engine The first test fit...I used an engine hoist with a load leveler like this: Torin Big Red 2-Ton Foldable Engine Hoist with Load Leveler.
Test Fit There's a lot of trimming needed to allow this engine to fit in here
Test Fit I'll have to make a header to route the exhaust around the front side of the engine and around the steering shaft
Test Fit Gotta get it much lower to clear the hood
Test HOle First trim of the tranny tunnel
Tranny Hole Second trim of the tranny tunnel - I'm glad I welded the support frame under the car
Trim Stuff Starting the trimming of the battery/heater shelf to clear the cylinder head
Trim Marks Here's a line marked to trim away part of the passenger footwell to clear the intake manifold
Trim Holes The cut out area on the passenger footwell
Test Fit Again Test fit again.....
holes for intake Need to make room for the clutch slave cylinder in the lower area of the passenger footwell
A couple of books like this really helped with figuring out how to fabricate and modify the car
Filling HOles Filling in the holes
filled holes The filled in area for the intake manifold and the clutch slave cylinder
Engine Mount A quick engine mount - It will be beefed up later. It uses a rubber engine mount from an old Chevy 4 cylinder engine
Tranny Fit Here's the tranny set into place. I've got to make a new tunnel and move the shifter forward.
Under Tunnel I had to fab a new tranny tunnel that would fit around the Mazda tranny. Here's the bottom of the tunnel.
Tranny Tunnel What the top looks like
tranny tunnel A closer view fo the top. The shifter should come out somewhere near that hole.

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