The Mite

Part :55

Radiator, Intercooler, Throttle cable, etc....

Radiator Got the radiator back in the car and mounted in the mounts I fabbed a while ago. I also installed the electric fans and ran the wires to a relay seen here. The relay allows a low-current switch (like the stock Miata thermo-switch in the water neck on the front of the engine) to turn on a high current item like a fan.
Radiator hoses The Checker auto parts near my shop keeps their radiator hoses accessable to the public. I went down with a bent-up piece of wire and found the hoses I needed for this VW radiator in a Sprite cooling a Miata engine. I HATE trying to explain to parts-counter monkeys what part I need. Unless the monkey is the exception to the ' what year, what make and what model car' brain-dead clerk that works at most parts stores, I'd rather go to a place that lets me pick my own parts.
Lower radiator hose Here's the lower radiator hose snaking into the engine compartment
Intercooler And then - on to the intercooler. Or aftercooler, as my diesel generator friends say. This is the intercooler that I'll use. The outlets are in the wrong place to allow the plumbing to clear the hood (bonnett), the headlight buckets and the tires at full lock.
Intercooler mockup I'll need to re-route the inlet and outlets of the intercooler to be more like this picture and the one below
Intercooler mockup This is the one below.
Intercooler I welded the ends closed on the intercooler and added new tubes. "too small" you might say. To that, I'll say, "These are the same size tubes that are found on the Ford Turbo 2.3 intercooled engine." So there. The welds are not extra pretty on the outside, but they are smooth and flush on the inside where it matters
Throttle body to intercooler tube with BOV flange I had to fab a reducer to go from the throttle body to the intercooler pipe size, and add a tube/flange for the blow off valve
INtercooler in the Mite Here's the intercooler to throttle body adapter with the BOV attached
Intercooler in the Mite Front view of the intercooler
Intercooler in the Mite The complete intercooler with tubing and blow off valve.


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