The Mite
Part: 23
Misc. Doodads: Intercooler mount, Dzus Tabs...

The month of December was wasted on work. I've always claimed that I don't have a busy season, but this year proved me wrong. I'm a jeweler - click HERE to see what I do for a living. I was able to take Thanksgiving weekend off and go to Glamis for a couple of days; but my next day off was Christmas. Things have slowed down again and now I'm eager to get back to work on the Mite. I've got a list of unfinished items that need to be completed before I get serious about bodywork and paint, and I hope to complete these things before the weather turns hot here.

Intercooler I've decided to start at the front of the car and work my way to the back. First on the list is mounting the intercooler. Yep, I'm going to turbocharge the Miata engine and use an aftermarket engine management system.
Intercooler in a ssprite Here's the intercooler mounted in front of the radiator directly behind the grille opening that I cut out earlier in the day. Cutting fiberglass sucks. I put the bonnet in the driveway and had a large fan behind me blowing as much of the dust away from me as I could get. I was also wearing a respirator. Silicosis is nasty. If you look closely at the grille opening, you can see that I have fiberglassed a bunch of bolts onto the inside edge of the grille. This will locate and secure the wire mesh I plan on using for the grille. Check a new Bently for the mesh I'm going to use.
Intercooler mount A different view of the intercooler mount.
Proprod I also 'glassed in a prop-rod holder behind the driver's side light bucket to hold the hood in the "upright and open" position. I'll configure the final prop-rod later
Sprite custom perforated Grille Here's what the grille opening looks like after it was cut and rough sanded. I put a piece of perforated steel behind it to get an idea of what the grille will look like.
Bugeye Front End The front view
Electrical Box I also Dzus tabbed the box that will cover the fuse panel. I won't attach the tabs until after this is painted
Electrical Box The Dzus spring holders were welded onto the frame
Dzus Tabs on a Bugeye Front End Here's the Dzus tabs that hold the bonnet to the chassis. Note that the rivet holes are parallel to the sill of the car.
Dzus tabs on a Bugeye Sprite Front End In order to rivet the Dzus tabs in place and not have the rivets push the sides of the hood outward, I drilled clearance holes to accomodate the rivets in the panels that hold the Dzus springs.
Bob and Colleen Sandrail in Glamis California A pic of what we were doing on Thanksgiving. More? See here: Pics

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