The Mite
Part: 24

Making a wire mesh grille

Cardboard Grille Template Stock Bugeye grilles are very expensive, so I decided I wanted a mesh grille like the ones on the new Bentley. First I had to make a template out of cardboard
Cardboard template for grille Then, transfer the template to the wire mesh and cut it out with the plasma cutter
The finished grille out of the car Weld in little tabs with holes drilled in them to match up to the screws I glassed into the front end behind the grille opening
Finished grille closeup from the back And this is how it lines up
Another view of the finished grille Another view of the wire mesh grille from behind
The finished grille in the car From the front side
The finished grille front view From the front
The finished grille - paint or chrome? And a little closer. I still have to decide if I want to get it chromed or powedercoated silver. The original Bugeye grille is chrome.

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