The Mite
Part: 25


I finally got the Mite back from The Stripping Shop and it looks great:

Paintless Boot The guys at the stripping shop did a great job using plastic media to blast the paint off of all the outside and inside surfaces. The body was remarkably straight underneath the paint. i suppose i could have used a Soda Blaster and done it myself, but it was much easier and cleaner to have a pro do it.
Paintless Door They even got inside the doors (mostly) and in all the recessed areas under the dash and on the floors. They used plastic media to keep the metal from warping.
Outside of Door I've removed and filled the door handles.
Side View of Paintless Sprite Here's a good look down the side showing just how straight and rust-free this car was.
Taillight Holes and Lead Filler The original body seams were lead filled, you can easily see the lead filler in this picture
Engine Compartment Under the boot is nice and clean, free of paint and of grease.
Engine Bay The cross member, radiator mounts and front suspension mounts are nice and clean

This little gecko was hiding under some scrap metal when I went out to take these pictures.

A nicer surprise than a scorpion!

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