The Mite
Part: 28

Taping the stripes and Spraying the Paint!

Bugeye Bonnet White It's been a long time getting here, but today it is finally time to spray the paint! I block sanded the whole car during the week. Block sanding takes WAY longer than they show on TV, and it is tiring and very messy. I replaced the plastic on the homemade paint booth due to sanding dust and primer overspray before I began to paint the Mite. I've decided to lay down a couple of white stripes in the center of the car, so my first step is to spray a patch of white where the stripes will be.
Trunk With white paint Here's the trunk lid with a white patch on it. the borders don't make much difference at this point, just three nice coats of white.
Back of the Mite with white paint

The trunk area of the car got white paint, too. I sprayed it on Friday mid-afternoon. Due to the properties of this PPG paint, I now have a 24 hour window during which I must finish painting.


The Spray Garage Here's what the garage looked like this weekend.

The Bugeye Bonnet taped and ready for paint


After the white dried, I tape and masked off the lines for the stripes.
The whole car taped for stripes It took about a half hour to get the stipes layed out straight and parallel
The trunk taped for stripes The back of the car
The cowl taped for stripes Then I masked off the stripes. I covered what I want to keep.
Bugeye bonnet taped and masked for stripes It's almost a negative image of what the final product will look like - here there are dark stripes on a light car.
The rear of the car masked and taped The trunk area.
The side of the car after spraying the green basecoat The next morning, I sprayed the 3 coats of green. It dries to a dull finish and then the clearcoat makes it shine. In between the primer, white and green, I cleaned the whole car with wax and grease remover and tacked it with a tack rag.
The bugeye bonnet after spraying the green basecoat The Bonnet masked and shot green. Yes, I was wearing a Respirator , gloves and a paint suit.
The body shell after the green basecoat The engine area, after the tape and masking was removed
The engine compartment after green basecoat A closer look showing the stripes on the cowl
Back of the car with stripes A view of the rear, dull before the clearcoat
Bonnet with stripes The Bonnet, dull before clearcoat
The bugeye bonnet after spraying the BRG basecoat and pulling the masking Another shot of the dull hood
The bugeye bonnet after clearcoating Then.....Three coats of Urethane clear and it's nice and shiney!
The trunklid The trunk lid
The painted and clearcoated car in the garage And the whole garage. Now I get to color-sand the entire car and buff it to remove any orange peel.
The back of the car Here's the back end
The bugeye bonnet with stripes after spraying the clearcoat and a close-up of the hood.


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