The Mite
Part: 32

More work on the rear axle


RX 7 Rear Disc with snout Here's the Mazda RX-7 rotor - I've got to trim the snout a bit to let the splined hub fit on the center, and also drill the rotor for the bolt pattern that is on the splined hub - 4 holes on 100mm circle.
RX 7 rear disc with snout turned off Here's a shot of the rotor with the snout trimmed off
Using a transfer punch on the rear disc I had the axles drilled 4 on 100mm bolt circle when they were shortened and resplined. So to drill the correct holes in the rotors, all I had to do was place the disc on the axle and use a transfer punch to mark the center of the holes. The rod sticking up is the transfer pucnch.
Rear disc on the axle Once the holes were drilled, I used some old VW bug screw-in studs and lug nuts that are the correct thread (12mm , 1.5mm thread pitch) to hold stuff together while I worked
Sprite splined hub on RX  7 Rear disc Here's the splined hub sitting on the disc
Wilwood Spot Caliper floating mount Back to the floating Wilwood spot calipers. This is the spot caliper in the mount. There's two grooves on the caliper that fit in to the mounting bracket that I made, this allows the caliper to move parallel to the axle when the mechanical parking brake cable is pulled and lets the caliper grab the disc equally from both sides.
Wilwood mechanical spot caliper mount Here's another view of the sliding or 'floating' caliper in the bracket
Wilwood calipers on RX 7 Rear axle on a sprite Here's the mechanical wilwood spot caliper on the right and the Wilwood Dyanalite Single on the left. Also note the weld that holds the end casting onto the axle.
Rear spring perch I had to make a couple of spring perches for the rear axle. The outer side has to be a slightly greater diameter because the weld holding the end casting (see above) on the axle sits right on the spring perch.
Wilwood calipers on RX 7 Rear axle on a sprite The rear axle in the car and resting on the springs
 RX 7 Rear axle on a sprite I had to slotify the holes in the lower spring plate to accomodate the larger diameter of the axle at the weld.
Wilwood calipers on RX 7 Rear axle on a sprite And here's the rear axle, in the car with the brake calipers and rear hub assembled. I'll be running to the hardware store to grab some 12mm by 1.5mm thread pitch bolts to hold the hub onto the axles. Once everything is tight, I'll pop the wheels on the car and drop it down. Then, after I modify the valve cover, fab a trigger wheel for the EFI, replace the timing belt and replace the intake manifold on the engine, I'll stab the engine and tranny in the car and get the angles of the engine and rear axle, weld the perches on the axle and the get the whole thing powdercoated.


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