The Mite
Part: 39

Master Cylinders and Brake lines


Master Cylinders Fisrt thing is to put the pedal assembly in the mount made a while ago, and then fit the 3 master cylinders - front brakes, back brakes and clutch. All are 3/4" bore Wilwood cylinders
Wilwood master cylinders in a sprite There's a balance bar between the front and rear brake cylinders that will adjust how much bias, or pressure difference there is between the two systems. Front brakes do more than half the work, so the idea is to get all 4 wheels work at their optimum. The balance bar accomplishes much the same thing as a proportioning valve.
Wilwood to brake pipe fittings The master cylinders have 1/8 pipe threads and need adapters to fit 3/16 brake lines. The 90 degree adapter fitting is in the middle
1/8 FIP to Male flare fitting Even though you don't have to tighten the brass fitting too much, it does deform easily when light pressure is applied. I threaded a brake line fitting with no brake line attached into the pipe-to-flare adapter to prevent crushing when it was tightened into the master cylinder.
Making a double flare Then, the fun task of making inverted double flares on the brake lines! I used a double flare tool. It takes a while and a bunch of tries to figure it out, but after some time, I got pretty good at ti. The first step is to create the 'bubble' at the end of the tube with the little black tool between the flare tool and the tube-holder.
making a double flare It creates this shape in the tube, and then...
making a double flare The pointy end of the flare tool compresses the end of the tube and folds it down upon itself, creating....
completed double flare A nice double flare
bent welding rod for brake pipe mockup I used welding rod to figure out the bends in the brake tubing
front brake lines And then cut, flared and bent the tubing to fit
Pedals in the Box The pedals in the driver's side pedal box.
clutch slave cylinder The clutch tube running down the firewall to the slave cylinder
front left brake pipe The front right brake line
front left brake pipe The front left brake line
buncha pipes The 3 cylinders and brake lines
Master cylinders and brake tubes I ran the rear brake tube through the firewall to the inside, where I'll place a "T" fitting
pedals and brake line t fitting

Here's the brass "T" fitting inside the dash. I've got a brake pressure switch that will thread into the fitting to light up the brake lights when the pedal is pressed.

Flexible lines to the axle and the front calipers next weekend. I'll also clamp the lines down.



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