The Mite
Part: 40

Brake Lines, Heater and More fun with IAC motors!


Fuel Rail Had to modify the stock miata fuel rail from the stock metric hoses to accept -6 fittings and 3/8 line. I cut the fuel inlet pipe and the fuel pressure regulator off the rail, and got these weld-on -6 fittngs.
Miata Fuel Rail I made a plug out of steel rod and welded a bit of wire to it to act as a holder. I welded the plug into the hole and then ground off the top. Then i welded the -6 fittings to both ends of the fuel rail
Miata modified fuel rail Here's the finished rail, with the inlet on the right and the outlet to the aftermarket fuel-pressure-regulator on the left. It'll be cleaned up and painted before installation.
Heater I put the heater into the heater box, sealing the bottom outlet to the car with adhesive foam. I'll cut a piece of metal to cover the heater, and I'll mount the Electromotive Tec-2 unit on that piece of metal
IAC Now, back to adapting the GM style Idle Air Control (IAC) motor to work with a Miata throttle body. Back at Part 35, I modified a stock IAC housing, and now I have to make it work. The bottom of the miata throttle body has a couple of passages that lead into the intake. I made a plate that covers these passages as seen to the left of the throttle body
IAC Then, Idrilled some holes in the plate to mount the IAC housing and one large hole that will allow air though the housing into the throttle body when the Idle air motor is activated
IAC The plate mounted on the throttle body, with the modified IAC housing on the top left and the IAC motor on the bottom left
IAC The housing on the throttle body
IAC And finally, the modified IAC housing mounted to the throttle body with a fitting
Throttle Body The front view
Mite Brake Line And here's the braided brake lines fitted to the front calipers
Mite Brake Line And another view of the braided brake lines. I also hooked up the rear brake line. The brakes are totally finished except for filling with fluid, bleeding and checking for any leaks.
Mite Motor The throttle body with IAC motor mounted on the engine. The fuel rail is sitting on the manifold waiting for some 36 lb/hr injectors, and the heater is visible in the back of the engine.



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