The Mite
Part 8
Brake Pedals

Pedal Box I've got rear disc brakes from a Prelude and I'll be putting larger front brakes on the car, so why use the stock pedal and master cylinder assembly? I don't like anything to be easy, so I got a Wilwood triple master cylinder pedal reverse top mount setup for use in the Mite. Here's some Wilwood Brake Products
Pedal box I had to cut away the stock mounting area and make a 3/4" square tubing frame to mount the pedals in the right spot.
Pedal assembly Then I had to fill in the gaps with sheet metal to prevent gasses from the engine compartment from getting into the cabin of the car.
Pedals The front wall with the holes in it for the mounting studs, and the back wall are two sides of a box that will have a removable top to seal the engine compartment from the driver's area. I ran out of steel and had to stop at this point.
Pedal holes Slots were cut in the sheetmetal to allow the pedals to stick into the footwell.
top view One master cylinder mocked up, two more to go. One cylinder is for the clutch, and then one each for the front and rear brakes. The brake pedal has a balance bar to allow for fine tuning of the front-to-rear bias an provide a safe braking environment.
Pedals on the inside Here's what the pedals look like on the inside of the car. I still have to mount the gas pedal.

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