The Mite

Part :52

Shifter, Package tray, Underhood wiring

Miata sprite shifter The Miata shifter that I modified here by removing the rubber vibration-isolation deal is now too short for the Mite. I need to lengthen it by
a little bit. I found a piece of chrome rod and cut it to length.
Extended miata sprite shifter Welded it on to the Miata shifter, and hit it lightly with the grinder. The joint will be beneath the boot, so appearance is not crucial.
Drillin and tappin miata shifter I then drilled and tapped the top for 5/16-18
Miata shifter with bolt And inserted a bolt and torqed it down
Shifter going in sprite I cut the head off the bolt and dressed the end of the threads. Here's the shifter in the car with the universal round boot.
Custom sprite shift boot Install the shifter to the transmission using the 3 stock bolts, push the boot over the shift rod...
Sprite interior Screw down the trim ring using self-stripping screws and install the nifty wooden shift knob. Neato!
Mite package area xlosed And then, the lock on the package tray. It went it purty easy and looks good, too. Here it is closed...
Mite package area open And here's the package tray open. I won't store valuables in here, but it's a good place for registration, maps, proof of insurance and maybe a WW2 style leather flying cap. Or not. Also, the seatbelts have been installed here, too.
b trim Here's the "B" pillar area, showing the neat little chrome trim finish, and the black powdercoated trim pieces
INterori The shifter installed in the car. Not seen: a cigarette lighter style power port under the dash on the driver's side. For cel phones, GPS, mp3, etc...
startin the wiring Now begins the task of wiring up the engine compartment, including the electromotive engine management. I need to get a small length of fusable link (like a fuse, but looks like wire) to provide power from the battery cable on the starter motor to the wiring harness. You can see the injector clips on the inner fender in the foreground
wiring layout I've got the wires mostly placed where they need to be, with the lights and blinker wires run under the radiator to the hinge for the bonnet. They will be the last to get wired, after the ecu and the radiator and intercooler plumbing.
Link to Barrett Jackson My friend Erik Stewart and I have purchased a vendor booth at this year's Barrett-Jackson auction in Snottsdale, Arizona.
He'll be the primary vendor and I get to have a few pieces in one of the cases. Hopefully, the men will buy themselves a nice car and the women will buy themselves a nice piece of jewelry. See Erik's stuff here:


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