The Mite

A Rebuild and Customization of a 1965 Austin Healey Sprite



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It all started during a trip back east for our annual family picnic. My uncle has a Triumph Spitfire and let me drive it on the tree-shaded roads of Connecticut. I was hooked, I had to get my own small British convertable. Shortly thereafter I found a pair of cars for sale in California at a bargain price. I hooked the flatbed trailer up to my truck and headed west. Twice. The following pages chronicle the adventure of the rebuild/customization of The Mite.
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Overview A one-page overview of the entire buildup
Part 1 Getting the Pair of cars and initial inspection
Part 2  Teardown
Part 3  Panel and floor replacement
Part 4  Frame reinforcement and Why "Mite?"
Part 5  Fitting the engine
Part 6  Rear Disc Brakes
Part 7  Rear Suspension
Part 8  Pedal Assembly
Part 9  Front Suspension, Phase 1: Lower A-arm
Part 10 Front Suspension, Phase 2: Upper A-arm
Part 11 Front Tube Shocks
Part12 Honda Civic Front Brake Conversion
Part 13 Modificaton of Front Tube Shock Mount
Part 14 Rebuilding Rack and Pinion and Spindles
Part 15 Modifying the dash for new gauges and switches
Part 16 Adding a sump and fittings to the gas tank
Part 17 Installing Honda Seats and a later-model steering column
Part 18 Moving the stock Miata Shifter on the Miata Tranny
Part 19 Adding a Rollbar and Radiator
Part 20 Electrical Box, Package Tray, Battery Tray, Fiberglass Hood Latches
Part 21 Hood Hinges, Latches, Making the Wheelwells round, etc..
Part 22 Another Rear Axle, or How to Narrow an RX 7 Rearend
Part 23 Misc Doodads: Intercooler Mount, Grille Opening, Fun with Dzus Tabs
Part 24 Making a wire mesh grille
Part 25 Naked Shell Back from the Stripping Shop
Part 26 Shell Filled and prepped for primer
Part 27 Building a Paint Booth and Shooting Primer
Part 28 Shooting British Racing Green with white racing stripes
Part 29 Re-Spraying the clear, re-sanding and re-buffing
Part 30 Re Assembly of the Front Suspension
Part 31 Finishing the Front Suspension and beginning the Rear
Part 32 Working on the rear disc brakes
Part 33 Electromotive Crank Trigger, Valve Cover-Throttle Body-Oil Pan Mods
Part 34 New rubber and installing side windows
Part 35 Idle air control motor housing
Part 36 Speedo Pulse Generator and Installing the Engine
Part 37 Setting Pinion Angle, welding brackets, checking engine clearance
Part 38 Assembling and installing the Rear Axle
Part 39 Installing Brake Pedals, Master cylinders and Brake lines
Part 40 Fun with IAC, Brake lines, Heater and Fuel Rail
Part 41 Gas tank, bumperettes, wiring, dash gauges...
Part 42 Wiring, Dash pad and Wipers
Part 43 More Wipers
Part 44 Assembling and Installing the Windshield (Windscreen)
Part 45 Odds and Ends: Door Switch, Battery Cables..
Part 46 Turbo Exhaust Manifold and Magnetic Pickup Mounting Bracket
Part 47 Plumbing Turbo Oil and Fuel
Part 48 Re-inistalling rear shocks and fabbing exhaust
Part 49 Carpeting the Trunk and Speaker panel
Part 50 Beginning the Interior Upholstery
Part 51 Carpet, Vents, Rollbar, Door Panels
Part 52 Shifter, Package Tray, Wiring
Part 53 Water Temp Sensor, Seats, Steering wheel spacer
Part 54 More Wiring and Programming the TEC 2
Part 55 Radiator and Intercooler plumbing and throttle cable (page not finished yet)
Part 56 Making a custom Hood Badge
Part 57 Prop Rod, Throttle Cable, etc...
Part 58 Finishing up last bits and TEST DRIVE!
Part 59 Air Intake, Removing lowering blocks and pictures
Part 60 Burnout, just for fun!
Part 61 Conclusion

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